04 Aug 2023

August 4, 2023:  The programme for the 2023 edition, scheduled from 9th to 14th October, includes a number of exciting novelties. The first is the departure from the enchanting Argentario, crossing the lands of the Etruscans to reach the first challenge at the prestigious Vallelunga racetrack, located near Rome.

A total of four ranking trials await on the racetracks, each showcasing distinct characteristics – Mugello, Modena, Magione, and Vallelunga – and a total of nine uphill tests on secret courses with roads closed to traffic. This approach ensures a level playing field, discouraging any prior trials or practice runs in the days leading up to the event.

 The programme also includes an additional component to boost adrenaline: extended journeys during transfers, respecting the schedule and punctuated by charming cities and towns steeped in the rich heritage of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Registrations for the 2023 edition close on September 15th and full information can be found on the

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