To be the paramount platform for luxury automotive lifestyle worldwide, sparking passion and driving dreams. We strive to transform ordinary transactions into extraordinary experiences, curate the finest events, and cultivate a vibrant community, all while setting the pace for innovation and excellence in the high-end automotive market.

At the nexus of the Driven Lifestyle division, the duPont REGISTRY Group orchestrates a distinguished ecosystem that epitomizes the high-end automotive lifestyle. Our platform harnesses data insights and advanced technology to provide finely tailored experiences across the spectrum of automotive engagement.

Rooted in the storied tradition of the duPont REGISTRY—celebrating nearly four decades as a benchmark in luxury automotive markets—our group has transformed into a comprehensive network that enriches every aspect of luxury vehicle ownership and enjoyment. Through precision and personalization, we ensure that every interaction, whether for a novice enthusiast or a discerning collector, is distinct and memorable.

Our suite of services is elegantly designed to cater to a broad audience, from those captivated by the allure of the automotive world to those pursuing unparalleled bespoke experiences. We facilitate not only transactions but also connections, crafting a seamless integration of online auctions, exclusive events, and community engagement.

The duPont REGISTRY Group’s commitment to an omni-channel strategy underscores our dedication to sophistication and accessibility. Supported by a vibrant community, we stand as a paragon of luxury automotive culture and commerce, continually advancing the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive domain.