To be the paramount platform for luxury automotive lifestyle worldwide, sparking passion and driving dreams. We strive to transform ordinary transactions into extraordinary experiences, curate the finest events, and cultivate a vibrant community, all while setting the pace for innovation and excellence in the high-end automotive market.

At the heart of the Driven Lifestyle division lies the duPont REGISTRY Group, a comprehensive ecosystem that encapsulates the culture, community, and commerce of the high-end automotive lifestyle. This group curates a dynamic platform and a vibrant community for enthusiasts to engage with high-end vehicles.

The duPont REGISTRY, an iconic marketplace with a legacy spanning over 38 years, is the group’s cornerstone. Renowned as the premier marketplace for high-end vehicles, it has expanded its focus within the duPont REGISTRY Group to embrace every facet of buying, selling, and enjoying these premium vehicles.

Adding to the strength of the group are Canossa Events, renowned for organizing over 250 worldwide marquee experiences annually for driving enthusiasts, and Cavallino, esteemed for its Classic Ferrari-focused Concours d’Elegance events.

Another pivotal pillar of the group is Sotheby’s Motorsport, an essential brand that broadens our scope by facilitating online auctions, providing yet another trusted avenue for transacting high-end vehicles.

The duPont REGISTRY Group champions an omni-channel approach to the high-end car lifestyle, offering a comprehensive platform for seamless transactions, immersive experiences, and a vibrant community of hundreds of thousands of members, nurtured over nearly two decades.

The integration of these trusted brands into the duPont REGISTRY Group underscores our commitment to delivering a sophisticated, yet accessible experience for high-end car enthusiasts. This commitment reflects the ethos of the Driven Lifestyle division.